Monday, January 25, 2021

Why can we all look at the DC riots and see such different stuff?

 The above pic has nothing to do with the topic...I'm going to the range and it fits my work today.


How can we all look at supposedly the same pics and vids from the DC riots and see such different stuff?

I'm amazed at the fact that the video and pics is the same.  No doubt there.  But everyone seems to have taken sides on the issue.

I'm stunned by that.

It's our nation's capitol!

If nothing else we should all be outraged (I would think) that it would be so vulnerable to a mob in the age of terrorism.

I would think that regardless of party (or anything else...) that people rushing into the vote certification after an election would outrage us all.

But it didn't.

I don't get it.

Not even the most fevered Trump supporter has to realize the guy was a less than ideal candidate.  Don't get me wrong.  Biden isn't much better but the reality is if we can survive Trump, we can survive Biden just like we've survived all the other fools that have held that office.

So why the disconnect?  I get that a few are just ate up on the politics of this thing but I'm not talking to them.  I honestly just skip over their comments cause everyone is just a variation on their constant theme.

I'm talking to others that have the ability to change their minds when the info changes.  What gives?

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