Monday, January 25, 2021

With the Commandant's new concept is the Marine Corps reverting back to its WW2 roots of being subordinate to the Navy. Answer? YES!


This is an outstanding question but MAGTravF has it wrong.

Of course this concept makes the Marine Corps subordinate.  Of course it means that the Marine Corps no longer deserves a seat at the JCS.  Of course it means that this reverses all the hard work done by so many for so long. 

If the Commandant's vision becomes reality then it doesn't make sense for the Marine Corps to be considered a separate service.

To be honest I thought that becoming subordinate to the Navy was part of what this was all about and part of the plan to guarantee the existence of the Marine Corps in his twisted plan.

I find it funny that anyone could think that this wasn't leading to this inevitable outcome.

If you make yourself subordinate then you will be subordinate.

The Commandant is making us subordinate so that is what we will become.

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