Friday, March 12, 2021

Geez! Brit forces are about to be micro fragmented...I'd laugh but I fear its coming our way...

The cuts are dramatic and EVEN IF they proceed with the planned modernization I don't believe they'll equal what they are today. It would be funny if I didn't believe our forces are soon to get the same treatment. The weird thing? I'm gonna happily spend that little 1400 dollars they're gonna send my way but I know in the back of my mind that their is a bill to be paid down the road. Even worse? I'm pretty sure that the big spending is just beginning. I don't know how many are actually fiscally conservative and moderate but that faction is about to catch hell.  Defense hawks and Social hawks are gonna be out in force.

The puzzling thing?

I've been a defense watcher for more years than I care to admit but I have YET to hear anyone talk about ACTUALLY getting down to the roots of all the waste/fraud/abuse in the DoD.

I'm not just talking about procurement, but also infrastructure, bloated/useless commands, dubious overseas commitments etc...

The saddest thing of all?

We're setting ourselves up for a re-run of the past.  

My prediction?

The Pentagon will simply keep its head low, cry about the need for defense spending and when a new administration hits they'll yell about how the Chinese are the big bad that must be confronted and how we MUST boost defense spending at all costs.

It worked against the Soviet Union and we didn't have to engage in actual warfare to recover.  But we didn't before WW2 and we lost half of Europe before we got our act together and watched the Japanese march all the way to the West Coast.

If that repeats the Chinese won't give us room or time to get it together.

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