Wednesday, March 17, 2021

HMLA-169 VIPERS! How along before this scene is a blast from the past?

Berger decimated the Ground Combat Element, soon attack helicopters are gonna go. How long before we see ground combat transferred to the US Army, the Marine Corps relegated to an "enabling" service and the best we can hope for is that a few Marines are still around to fire some missiles before the bean counters realize that it just makes more sense to shutter the entire organization. 

 Berger's concept is the end of the Marine Corps. Not as you and I know it...but the end of the organization. Drink it in boys. As much as I bang on the air wing, the days of a Marine Corps helicopter pilot sinking his fangs into the floorboards of his aircraft to deliver fire on the enemy cause his ONE JOB is to support the Marine on the ground is as dead as disco.

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