Wednesday, March 17, 2021

USMC about to shed attack helicopters and the US Army is about to pick up the helo borne anti-ship strike mission


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My prediction is coming true.

The US Marine Corps has become a one foe, one region service...supposedly to guarantee our relevancy and existence into the future.


I told you the concept was bullshit but no one listened.  Instead I got shouted down told that I was thinking in the past and that this was going to see us into the future.

I countered that the US Army would probably make the 25th ID and possibly the 2nd ID into their "America's Pacific Divisions" (the 25th is already wearing that moniker) and would do what the Marine Corps is planning ON STEROIDS all while being able to fight in "every clime and place".

While guess what sports fans?


The Army doesn't miss a party and a fight in the Pacific will be huge so I knew they'd climb into the arena.

This test flight is the latest example.

All those big amphibs we're about to vacate?  The US Army will fill them with helicopters.  Those little amphibs we're wanting?  The US Army will climb aboard because they need to provide support to an outrageously LIGHT USMC.

Amos started the slide of the Marine Corps.  Neller continued it and Berger is taking it to Mach speed.

Between the economic trainwreck coming to the DoD, the lackluster and STUPID advertising, the ignoring/destroying the ties between current and former Marines and this insane concept I give this organization 20 years max of continued existence.

You heard it here first.  The USMC has lost its way.  Unless we get a Commandant that is a back to basics leader then its gonna die.

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