Sunday, March 14, 2021

Over 300 charged from more than 40 states

 via CBS

The government said it has issued a combined total of over 900 search warrants and the investigation has included more than 15,000 hours of surveillance and body-worn camera footage from multiple law enforcement agencies. The government has also gathered approximately 1,600 electronic devices, the results of hundreds of searches of electronic communication providers, over 80,000 reports and 93,000 attachments related to law enforcement interviews and other investigative steps, authorities said in a filing Friday.


At least five of those arrested were employed as law enforcement officers at the time of the riot, and at least three of those arrested had previously worked as police officers. Prosecutors also charged one current firefighter and one retired firefighter. 

Of the five police officers, four have since lost their jobs. An officer in North Cornwall Township, Pennsylvania was suspended without pay after he was charged with, among other crimes, obstruction of law enforcement during civil disorder. Houston police officer Tam Dinh Pham and Monmouth County correctional police officer Marissa Suarez both resigned after they were arrested, and two Virginia police officers were fired after prosecutors charged them for their alleged conduct at the Capitol.

Laura Steele, a member of the Oath Keepers militia indicted for conspiracy, worked for the High Point Police Department in North Carolina for 12 years before she was terminated for conduct toward superior personnel, absence from duty, and violating a communications policy, a spokesperson for High Point Police said. Her husband, Kenneth Steele — who was not alleged to be at the Capitol riot — retired on January 1 as assistant police chief. Thomas Webster, who prosecutors said is a former New York Police Department officer, was charged after he allegedly lunged at a Capitol Police officer with a metal flagpole during the Capitol riot.

Nicholes Lentz — who the Florida Department of Law Enforcement said is a former officer in the North Miami Beach and Fort Pierce police departments — was charged after posting videos from inside the Capitol. In a video, he said, "We're not here to hurt any cops of course. I love my boys in blue, but this is overwhelming for them."

Additionally, firefighter and paramedic Andrew Williams was arrested for his participation in the riot, and retired firefighter Robert Sanford was arrested and accused of throwing a fire extinguisher that hit three police officers in the head.


A few things....

*  Still think that most got swept up in the drama of the mob.  Probably some "good" people in this thing but they did some really bad shit.  They got to pay the price for this oh shit moment.

*  Kinda surprised by the oath keepers being designated an extremist group.  Why?  Because they might have X number of members but they have a metric shit ton of "affiliates", associates and simply people that identify with them. Pretty big organization if they're gonna actually go after them and its gonna take them in unexpected directions.

I'm a bit dismayed at how many people were riled up by the message here. Information warfare is real and if it can get this many people to commit a criminal act (while thinking they're defending freedom) then we're more vulnerable than I realize.  We might need a domestic psyops agency to blunt this kinda thing to keep civil disturbances down.

*  No one is saying it out loud but this is a serious security breach and shows how vulnerable the highest echelons of our govt actually are.  I'll keep saying it. A well trained and motivated squad could tear the capitol apart.  A terror squad that's mission was to kill and terrorize the country would have easy pickings. 

We need to fix that security situation asap.  It might mean the capitol is off limits for a bit but it must be fixed.  Suicide vest wearing terrorist could have killed alot of congress critters and plunged the nation into chaos. We must make sure that can't happen.

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