Sunday, March 14, 2021

The stage is set, the players enter the ring...Chairman of China's Central Military Commission, stated that war with the United States is inevitable


But his comments come two days after China's Central Military Commission Vice Chairman Xu Qiliang made a provocative statement about the likelihood of war with the United States.

"The top uniformed soldier in China, chairman of China's Central Military Commission, stated that war with the United States is inevitable," Coffman said. "That is the first time China has made that statement publicly."

Coffman, who oversees development of armored vehicles in the Army's modernization effort, such as the Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle, warned that the Chinese are known for using armored forces and that they are likely to be the aggressor in a potential future conflict.

"If you are the head uniformed general in the Chinese military and you say 'it's inevitable,' what does that mean?" Coffman said. "I think that means that you are willing to strike first because, if it's inevitable, why would you wait for your adversary to strike first?"


That ladies and gentleman is a statement of intent.

Make no mistake about it.

The Chinese are coming and they'll be coming hard.  There will be no playtime, no half measures, no mercy and no chance to "talk about it".

They will be mean, nasty and savage.

They will take heavy losses, will bleed us, will get in close and rip our forces apart.

We're not ready and in a few couple of years we'll be less ready.

We're gonna get slobber knocked.

I've been worried about this inevitable war.  Now I'm absolutely worried to the Nth degree.  The only saving grace is that they probably won't invade the mainland.  Would we go nuclear over Hawaii?

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