Friday, March 26, 2021

Why bother with the Marine Corps when with one call to the Army you get a Brigade Combat Team that gives it all...(MUST WATCH VIDEO!!!!)

 Video: A Marine Corps Without Tanks? | Military Times Reports

Hey Gents!

Click the link and take a few minutes to watch the video!  This guy is pointing out every one of my arguments.

The killer?

Berger is KILLING WITHOUT MERCY the Marine Air Ground Task Force.  The Army is REPLICATING IT with its Brigade Combat Teams!!!

We're throwing away an war winning formation to chase foolish transformation!

What I want to know is this.  Where is the critical thinking from Generals, Colonels, SgtMajors and others in leadership on this thing!  Why are they silent when NOW IS THE TIME TO BE HEARD!

My guess?

Many, many, many have doubts.  Many more have concerns.  But its easier to keep their heads down rather than state that the emperor has no clothes.

We've seen it before with the F-35.

Many wanted to believe despite the evidence that the program was out of control and was failing horribly (I know cause it took me awhile to buck conventional thinking).

What the Marine Corps needs at this moment is a little courage.  Really the hardest kind of courage.  No.  I'm not asking anyone to charge a machinegun nest or clear a room.  I'm asking that someone have the courage to voice concerns.

One blogger is not enough.

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