Friday, April 09, 2021

Discussion. What is China's intent? Are we up against a modern day "Monroe Doctrine" in Asia but this time by the Chinese?


Time to put the blogs brain power behind a question I've had and need help to solve.

What is China's intent?

It's not expansion of their "doctrine".  At least not in the model of the old Soviet Union.  I don't see foreign least not yet.  I do see market expansion but everyone on the globe is trying to do that.

I DO see a push for fishing and other natural resources (I still believe that will be the flashpoint with its smaller neighbors) but that could be forestalled with the purchase of oil from Iran, a push for other than oil power sources (refuse to call it green tech because nuclear power is the most efficient alternative power source but the West still won't embrace it) and a natural conservative approach to power usage in that nation.

So what is the goal within the next 50 years.

As weird as it might sound I believe it could be acknowledgement that they're a power.  Not by the UN or the EU but by the US.

So what explains the power plays in the S. China Sea?

My guess is that we're looking at a twisted Monroe Doctrine.

Flip the script.

The year is 2030 and the Chinese have a naval base and have stationed thousands of Marines in Venezuela.

They're conducting exercises in the Gulf Of Mexico and they're running freedom of navigation exercise up and down the coast of the US.

How would the American people react.

I personally would lose my shit.  

I'd probably be demanding whatever party is in power to sink every ship, to launch an invasion and displace every Chinese Marine in that country.

In other words if our positions were reversed I'd probably feel the same kind of nationalism that many Chinese netizens currently feel.

Can we pull back?

I don't think so.

Does our current posture in the region make sense if war were to actually come?

Hell no.

Am I right?  If I am then we need to completely rethink our drink.  If I'm wrong then I'd love to hear your theory. What is China's intent?

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