Monday, April 19, 2021

Lightweight vehicle is put to the test by 173rd Airborne Brigade ahead of multinational exercises


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I hope military forces are picking up what the US Army is putting down. We're seeing an evolution of infantry forces.  Once wholly foot mobile troops are now becoming motorized.  Even better?  Elite forces in the Army are gaining motorized transport.

Traditionally its been unheard of Airborne Troops driving off the drop zone.  Where they landed was generally where you would find them.  It was simple.  You dropped them either on or near their objective and you were left to deal with infantry.  Highly trained infantry but once on the ground light infantry non-the-less.


Now those little groups of paratroops will be able to operate together (cause they can rally up much easier), they can be dropped far from their objective causing issues wit the defense and if they're simply fighting a delaying action or setting the stage for follow on forces then they have a chance to cause even more mayhem behind the lines because they can roam over a large area.

Airborne Forces are morphing from an irritant into an actual threat.

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