Friday, April 23, 2021

Rolling Thunder 21.1 HIMARS

Note. How do you honestly say that you're going to operate Expeditionary Advanced Bases INSIDE the enemy's engagement zone and expect to remain hidden during the "contest phase" (even though we can assume that the Chinese will have fishing boats scouring the oceans either trailing or trying to find Light Amphibious Ships as soon as they start sailing), operate aircraft from FARPs etc? EVEN IF they can survive then how do you prevent Chinese counter battery from obliterating those sites after a HIMARS launch during combat?  

What was that? 

They shoot and scoot? 


Every enemy sensor and eyeball will be hunting those forces and if they're not immediately found they'll be hunted down and destroyed. 

The reality is simple (it also goes to my belief that the USMC will crash below the 100K boatspace line). 


HIMARS is a stand in system for a time when unmanned vehicles take over. If you don't need Marines to fire the rockets. If you don't need Marine Infantry to provide security to those rockets. Then you have part of this thing solved (still silly but it removes the problem of casualty evacuation).

Not only is Berger attempting to radically transform the Marine Corps into a force that is TOTALLY USELESS in any other clime and place, but it will be INCAPABLE of performing other missions that the nation expects of it (by 2030 if this plan goes forward we can expect the Army to have fully assumed all Marine Corps missions with the Corps totally focused on China, China, China...wait that's wrong...China in the Pacific, China in the Pacific, China in the Pacific).

If Berger is wrong then he's  

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