Monday, April 19, 2021

The US Army is in the Pacific and they're in the Pacific in a big way!

Note. What's the tally of forces that the Army is about to have "hangin" in the Pacific? Everyone knows the 25th ID considers it their playground. We can assume that the boys in Korea, the 2nd ID, will soon flex into that mission (and I suspect that they'll also pick up a bit of the Arctic work guess only) but have you considered the SFABs? Yeah. They're pushing their Security Force Assistance Brigades into the theater. What are they? Think baby Special Forces. In other words conventional forces that are playing in the "force multiplier" game. So we're looking at probably 3 dedicated divisions that will be customized to the Pacific along with the rest of the Army doin' work in every clime and place. We once did that. Regardless I'm impressed by how quickly they're tuning up the 25th ID and how they were able to turn on a dime and repurpose their SFABs to the Pacific region. Keep an eye on those SFABs...they're in the background now but I predict will soon be shoulder to shoulder with the 25th in their work in the region.

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