Monday, May 24, 2021

Ship-To-Objective Maneuver


This is how HQMC once sold its ideas to the tribe.  They not only talked about STOM but it was debated, kicked around and everyone was fully onboard.  The amazing thing is that you'll notice that many pieces of Berger's Folly are found in this thing (stealing great ideas is never a bad thing!).

One of the major issues is that the Command/Control portion of FD2030 seems a bit more rigid than we saw with this bad boy (STOM).

10,000 mile screwdriver indeed.

Back on task.

This is how change agents do things.  They explain the change, explain why its necessary, open the floor for debate and when they look around and see everyone is on the same page they move forward.

No.  The Marine Corps is not a democracy.  Yes.  We follow orders.  But this is bigger than the Marine Corps.  We're talking about the fate of the nation.

If Berger has it wrong (and I believe he does) then it could be catastrophic.  Hell the butchers bill from this thing WILL BE CATASTROPHIC if war were to happen anyway.

I mean seriously what fool believes that if China and the US cross swords that it'll be a bloodless affair?  STAND IN FORCE?  Operating inside the engagement zone of the enemy?  I thought we were worried about penetrating his A2/AD, and now we're living there?  AMAZING!  FD2030 sucks donkey balls.

You can't magic yourself into an easy fight.  FD2030 sure won't do it.

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