Saturday, May 22, 2021

That arrest in Louisiana has ALOT MORE TO IT than most will ever realize...


 Just my two cents and I don't mind disagreements with my position but be advised folks...there is alot more to this arrest than most will EVER realize.

The LA State Police are gonna release ALL videos taken and that should clear this up ricky-tick quick.

But back to what I THINK has people stirred up.

The talk at the end of the snippet released to the public.

I'm going off memory here (too early in the morning to drag it up and I'm getting back in the sack soon...its 0310 where I'm at) so bear with me but I believe one of the State Troopers can be heard saying I fought the fucker, choked him and he was still fighting.

Additionally another State Trooper (I believe) is heard in the background asking if his camera was still on.

I guess I'm saying to take a moment and put yourself in their shoes.  This should be easy for my bros in the military.

These guys just were engaged in a high speed car chase thru the back roads of Louisiana.  They get the guy out of the car and his resistance continues (running from cops is resistance).  

I'm guessing they were full text book at first.  Proper holds, proper restraints, used their tasers, possibly pepper spray and then were faced with that crazy situation where you're tettering on the edge of shooting the guy or go full bore.

Think about it like this.

Dude had drugs in his system which made him strong as hell and probably neutralized the signals to his brain that neutralized any pain compliance.

My thinking is that it went from Academy defense tactics training to full on fight with haymakers getting thrown and each State Trooper trying to determine at what point the call isn't "taser, taser, taser" but rather "clear, I'm gonna shoot".

Consider what I've said and then let me hit you with this.

I talked to Defensive Tactics instructors and that "positional asphyxiation" is about to get highlighted nationwide.                      

That was the real issue in the Floyd death (homicide) and is probably gonna be the shatterpoint in this incident (Justice Dept is investigating now).

At the end of the day I can't exactly rage at these State Troopers.  I've fought people that were actively resisting while on drugs.

It ain't fun.

Now to the background issue.  Are they racists?  Don't know.  Doesn't even matter in this case.  The actions they took that night are under the microscope not their personal feelings on race.  Even if they're full bore supporters of whatever group it doesn't matter.  What does is if they did it right when you take in the totality of the circumstances.

We'll see what we'll see but a couple of things I'm absolutely positive about.
1.  When they went to work that night they promised themselves and loved ones that they would do whatever they had to to get home the next morning.

2.  I'm 99.9% sure they didn't wake up to go to work with the idea that they're gonna kill someone that day.

What do you guys think?

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