Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Anyone know what this BOPE Operator is doing/talking about?

I follow these bubbas on Instagram and I admire their training and the work they do (we'll call that bloody day a few months ago they had when they engaged drug dealers in a crowded favela a one off).

You want to know why the thought of fighting in a mega city worries me so much?

Follow BOPE and see what they're dealing with.

They operate in the slums outside major Brazilian cities and wade hip deep into crime infested poverty without  blinking an eye.

You talk about militarized police in the US?  You have no fucking idea. They're as well equipped as a Marine Corps Rifle Company.  They actually have used AAVs in their raids.

One last thing about fighting in mega cities.  In crime infested areas crowds are attracted by gunfire.  If they know they're not gonna get hit then they're out looking and filming.  Oh and after the fight is over you'll see pop up fights.  I see the same thing happening for these BOPE Operators.

But back on task.

Anyone know what's being said in the video?  I can't put it together.

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