Wednesday, June 09, 2021

I am genuinely surprised....Task & Purpose reports General fired...

Just plain wow.

I am genuinely surprised Berger fired this bubba.

My feelings?


On one hand a CO is responsible for everything that does and doesn't happen within his unit.  Additionally Berger OBVIOUSLY ordered that his FD2030 be put into overdrive so I'm sure the screws were being put to every unit on the West Coast to make this happen IMMEDIATELY.

But we're back to the responsibility thing.  Can we hold the CO responsible for something that happens so far down the food chain?

If we take that tack doesn't that mean that we can trace the line of responsibility all the way back to HQMC itself?

What I do know is this.

Those Marines are still dead.  The families are still hurting.  Everyone involved feels terrible about the situation.

Its just bad all the way around.

The only saving grace is that HOPEFULLY (and I don't have full confidence on this) lessons were learned and this won't happen again. 

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