Monday, June 21, 2021

UK interested in increasing its fleet of Boxer armored vehicles



The UK intends to procure additional Boxer armored vehicles following its order of 523 of them. The Janes website reported that in a written statement last week, UK Minister for Defence Procurement Jeremy Quin confirmed that the Ministry of Defence is "looking to enhance and uplift the size of the total UK Boxer order and this may include new variants."

Janes said that the numbers are expected to be firmed up by the British Army's management board, which is scheduled to meet during the last week of this month.

Sources at the Ministry of Defence said that the Army is still discussing the variants and requirements.

Ya know if the Brits are gonna go this route then maybe they can leverage some of the work the Aussies are doing with their variants.  

I know home production is important but I'm sure they can work with "whoever" to come up with domestic production requirements while at the same time getting additional clearances for joint equipment setups.

Coming together on a standard caliber, anti-tank missile, electronics etc...and then building them in their own countries could benefit both countries later when it comes to maintenance and upgrades. 

Additionally since AJAX is an abject failure then maybe they should take a close look at the contest between the RedBack and Lynx.

Sidenote.  Could the Brits be crazy enough to actually field a Mobile Gun on the Boxer?  That would be wild!

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