Friday, June 18, 2021

Yeah, we're gonna be able to hide in China's backyard...oh wait....China launches new group of classified Yaogan-30 satellites

This was so predictable.

At BEST Berger's Folly had a POTENTIAL shelf life of about 5 years and that was with unlimited funding and a massive industrial push behind it.

As things stand?

Less than 100 missiles fired from dispersed Marine Littoral Regiments playing the mole in a whack-a-mole game on a few islands in the Pacific?

A few dozen ships that probably won't hit the fleet until AFTER 2025 at BEST?

That was all without taking into account China response to this thing.

I think we're seeing it now.  I always gave them credit for doing as we would if they tried the same idiocy off the West Coast or worse in the Gulf Of Mexico.

They'd flood the zone with ISR assets.  From space to air to surface to below surface sensors I'd be setting up to carefully track every plane, ship, truck...hell even boot if possible coming into my region.

This is an indication that the Chinese are doing the same.

Its amazing but this grand strategy to blunt the Chinese has already died. The so called brains at Quantico better go back to the drawing board because once again they've labored and produced jack shit.

We so need a modern day Gray, The Brute Krulak and a few hard as woodpecker lips Colonels to come up with a better way.

Or they could just listen to me and take what we have...long range Tomahawks, adapt them to the anti-ship mission, put them on carrier based UAVs, transition those aviation centric LHAs to UAV carriers, reinforce the MAGTF and adopt them to include these anti-ship missiles (along with a robust package for land warfare) and dump the F-35 buy and put more Marine Air on carriers so that they get back up 100 planes and see this thing sing.

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