Thursday, July 01, 2021

1/5 Return to Water Operations Part 1: Crawl


Not being snarky (well I'm trying!).


Why does a service dedicated to being recon for the joint force, missile slingers, sub hunting (remember Berger said he wanted the USMC to hunt subs), small boat manning (they're working with NECC to man the guns!) and air wing giving rides to the warfighters (25th ID practically owns Marine Air) need with amphibious assault vehicles?

It just doesn't make sense!

Berger's concept takes the Marine Corps completely away from force projection.

It's oriented solely to the fight in Pacific.

The AAV/ACV are redundant capabilities for a Marine Corps that no longer exists!

The Marines are DEVOLVING into a Naval Infantry/Defense force. 

Let me repeat.

You don't need AAV/ACV for a Naval Infantry/Defense force. You do need them for a Marine Corps but not for Berger's Folly.

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