Thursday, July 15, 2021

Taiwanese "Clouded Leopard" Fighting Vehicles operate on roadways for realistic training (Pic Heavy)...


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A unit of “Clouded Leopard” armored vehicles have taken to Taiwan's roads instead of using trains, in order to make training more realistic, reports said Wednesday (July 14).

The 333rd Mechanized Infantry Brigade, based in Pingtung County, would have shipped its vehicles by train or truck in the past to avoid creating traffic problems or disputes with civilian road users, CNA reported.

However, due to increasing threats from China, the military thought it wiser to test in a more realistic situation. After technical checks, the Taiwan-made vehicles hit the road Wednesday morning to reach their destinations by a variety of routes.

Having tanks and armored vehicles move over streets and roads increases the familiarity of soldiers with possible war theaters and improves their ability to respond to real-life situations, the military said.

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