Thursday, July 15, 2021

This election stuff just won't go away. New and alarming allegations out of Arizona...

I will never forget what happened just after Trump's election.

The chattering class went crazy and "the resistance" was born.  It even appeared (at least from my chair) that many that I once believed were centrist and did not take sides were suddenly taking sides (joining the resistance).

I knew that there would be blowback from that movement and the couple of years long tirade against Trump just primed the pump.


Now we're seeing the blowback.

Are these allegations true?  I have no idea.  Is it probably a bit of political payback?  

Most assuredly.

I just wonder if this stuff continues to escalate in our politics or if someone will say "enough" cause this thing is about to spiral out of control.

Seeing the recent budget reconciliation being pushed I don't think we're gonna see an adult say stop so buckle up for more craziness.

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