Sunday, August 15, 2021

3rd Recon conduct Special Patrol Insertion and Extraction Rigging Training

U.S. Marines with 3d Reconnaissance Battalion, 3d Marine Division, conduct special patrol insertion and extraction rigging training at Kin Blue training area, Okinawa, Japan, on Aug. 12, 2021. SPIE rigging techniques are used to rapidly insert and extract Marines when a landing zone is unavailable. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Levi J. Guerra)
Don't get me wrong. This is probably a bit thrilling (don't know...never did it). But to be honest its a bit dated.  I was a bit intrigued and did a quick Google and found out that (if my memory is right) one of the dudes that was in the old "Force Recon" book that covered the exploits of 1st Force was part of the test team that got this system certified.

Never mind that those old Vietnam Era cowboys were using it in combat for years before it was certified by the Marine Corps (oh and yeah...this is another Marine Corps innovation).

But back on task.  I think it is dated and in light of the swing to the Pacific and the focus on naval warfare its time to get with things.

My biggest fear is that a Light Amphibious Warship will be hit and Marines/Sailors will be in the distance from help.

How do you get about 100 people out of the water fast if you're forced to use helicopters in the middle of an active "competition" zone?

I think the answer is the Tactical Extraction Platform (several companies make it or something so similar that it doesn't matter).

Below are pics of French Special Ops using it.  Story here.

As far as individual aircrew going down at DISTANCE (beyond helicopter range) then you have this...

I'm seeing planning on how to deal with the Golden Hour going away. That's awesome. But the rescue at sea issue needs to be addressed too. Especially if the fleet is operating in a dispersed manner. 

Let's face it men. 

Our ships will be operating further away from each other than I can even imagine and they'll be individually targeted. Floating in a life raft in  the middle of a big ocean with no chance of rescue I would only wish on my worst enemy, not on our Marines/Sailors.

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