Sunday, August 15, 2021

One thing really disturbs me about the debate on Afghanistan...

 I'm doing just like you.  I'm watching coverage of the fall of Afghanistan.

The talking heads are out in force and one reporter had the unmitigated gall to lie on live TV and state that he saw this coming months ago.

What bullshit!

But ya know what has me spinning?  A Congress critter raised his finger in the wind and joined the rest of the cocktail party class in expressing outrage.

Ok.  I get that.

But the guy went on to say that we need to flow forces into the country to hold onto the airport long enough to get all of our "friends" out?


Why would this guy want to risk the sons of his own countrymen to rescue people that did not have the fortitude to fight for their own country?

It's probably a small thing but I wonder if he even sees serving members of the military as people or just another piece of equipment that can be discarded once used?

Just my 2 cents.

Back to watching the clusterfuck.  Godspeed to the 24th MEU, 82nd Airborne and the rest of the bubbas on the ground doing the hard thing.

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