Thursday, August 26, 2021

Effort To Rename Fort Benning After Decorated Lieutenant General Gains Traction


A website and petition have been launched about the effort to rename Fort Benning after Hal Moore and his wife. It has garnered support from various retired military officials, as well as military organizations like Blue Star Families.

The website reads: “Fort Moore would simultaneously recognize Hal Moore’s life, a decorated and highly regarded commander of the Vietnam War, and his wife, Julie Moore, who was equally distinguished as a leader of Army family programs, who changed how the military cares for the widows of fallen soldiers.


I was originally against the idea of renaming bases.

My reasoning?

Many Black, Hispanic, Asian and others have been thru those bases (as well as White) and all identify with the base they served with.

We would be erasing the history of all those veterans with the renaming of those bases.  

I was initially in favor of simply telling the history of segregation/slavery/hatred and keeping it moving.

But then this story.

Hal Moore?  

A base honoring him?

I'm with that. 

Note.  You want to educate the masses on this issue?  I didn't know the history of some of the men these bases were named after.  Once you read it, if you're like me then you'll have a huge WHAT THE FUCK moment and wonder how this ever came to be.  Read about Generals Bragg, Polk, Hood, and the rest. Pretty darn damning and compelling....a reason to change is valid.  I once didn't think that.

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