Thursday, August 26, 2021

We're looking at a hostage situation from hell. Al Qaida in Afghanistan/Pakistan is licking their lips!

 Everyone has been moralizing so hard about the plight of the Afghans...whether interpreters, "at risk groups" or others...that they've forgotten about the Americans trapped in that country.

It'll be front and center soon enough.

SOCOM is good but they're not that good.

We're looking at a hostage situation from hell.  Al Qaida in Afghanistan/Pakistan must be licking their lips at the thought of it.

Consider this.

If SOCOM does the hard thing (and we can assume they'll do it well) then you can bet your last dollar that they're busting ass as I type this trying to locate each and every American still in that country.  You can bet that the 160th is flying low and fast, day and night, burning up engines to get the assaulters on the ground to put bad guys in bags and rescue the trapped.

But there is an estimated 1500 Americans trapped.

Even if they play superman and get out 1300 that's still gonna be a loss.

Can you imagine seeing a person beheaded every week for the next 200 weeks?  Can you imagine the pressure that will put on ANY administration?

The Pentagon might want to focus on big wars but insurgencies aren't finished with us yet.  SOCOM will be fighting a secret war for at least another 5 years (terror groups are known to keep hostages for extended periods of time).  

My hope?

I hope no females are in this mix.  If there is then they'll be brutalized in ways I dare not imagine.  Biden fucked up badly and so did the elite.

This is the PERFECT example of MISPLACED PRIORITIES!  We should have worried about our people first and then helped the Afghans.

Moralizing and chest thumping just fucked our nation horribly and the Pentagon didn't push back hard enough (from open sources at least).

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