Sunday, August 08, 2021

Italian Special Ops Light Strike Vehicle...a glaring hole in US capabilities that only the USAF seems to have covered...

This vehicle brings to mind that only the USAF seem to have the "Light Strike Vehicle" concept covered in our force structure.

If I'm not mistaken the USMC evaluated the various Utility Vehicles in service and concluded that they were not suitable for the role.

USAF Pararescue went a different way and developed the Guardian Angel for the role of personnel recovery.

While being too large for carriage aboard the MV-22, it will fit the CH-47 and CH-53s we have in service.

I guess the issue is whether or not there is a real role anymore for this type vehicle in our force.

I can see ALL Special Ops units needing a LSV.  Especially the Rangers.

Conventional forces?  I'm not so sure it fits anymore.  Not even for our MEUs in their future construction.

Maybe this is a concept that only applies to Special Ops and is no longer needed by Conventional Forces.

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