Sunday, August 08, 2021

The Anti-Vax memes are getting crazier...AND funnier! Bonus...My new personal theory about the vaccine development!


This pro vs anti vax thing is rapidly becoming the issue of our time (outside of the Covid-19 origin story).

I've long thought that the original wave was a generation kill.  The old took a pounding from the thing.  The second wave to be blunt was a fat/comorbidity kill.  The current one seems like a free for all.

Almost like the disease is cleaning up its battlefield and making sure that all of its original targets were hit.

But even with that the politics of this thing are gonna be savage both now and into the near future.

Ya know what I'm hearing more and more?  That they developed the vaccine too quickly so it can't be safe.

Which brings me to my personal theory.

The Chinese (in secret) coordinated and cooperated with world govts and agencies and released all available information on the virus so that the vaccines could quickly be developed and keep this thing from getting worse (this explains why so many different govts were able to develop vaccines for this thing so rapidly!).

The quibble?

They could not reveal that it was released from a Chinese lab by accident.

Additionally (and its to further my conspiracy theory), I believe that world govts/agencies knew and funded the gain of function research because the fear of a new disease is a world wide concern and "someone had to do it".

But that's just my thinking and it could easily be wrong.

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