Thursday, August 19, 2021

SecDef says we can't go out and grab US citizens caught in Afghanistan...

He tossed me for a loop with his effort to clarify the question.

Idiot reporter did not help because her follow-up question was just as murky as the first.

The SecDef seems to be hanging alot on the word "in-extremis" and I think she was pushing more to the idea of negotiated escorts of Americans to the airfield.

I think its pretty clear that many are gonna be left behind.  They MIGHT extend this thing past the 31st but its gonna be lipstick on a pig.

For show only.

But I believe something is brewing because Special Ops is on the ground now so they might make a run to pick up some high value people that are stuck deep in country (that would carry CRAZY risks though...once word reaches the Taliban in Kabul then you can bet they'll start mortaring the airport...especially if the Special Ops bubbas start filling body bags).

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