Thursday, August 26, 2021

The world now knows what a "Noncombatant Evacuation Operations (NEO)" is. Next lesson will be on "tactical withdrawal"

 The whole world now knows what a "NEO" is.  The action at the Karzai Airport will be studied by friend and foe for decades and will be written about by historians.

It is NOT our greatest moment (although from a capability standpoint it IS impressive).

Next up will be "tactical withdrawal".

The insanity of the situation that the Pentagon is facing cannot be understated.

Diplomacy will have to work.

If it doesn't then the fallout will be extreme.

The loss of national prestige intense.

The loss of life will be emotionally crippling.

Our forces are faced with a tactical withdrawal, but they're not fighting to link up with friendly forces 10 or 20 miles away (which would be bad enough).  No.  They're fighting to maintain control of an airport and withdraw men and material BY AIR!!!

The Taliban is supposedly going to allow our forces to depart but there are terrorist elements that might decide to take their portion of blood.

A few well placed mortars and we'll see large cargo aircraft burning.

A few well aimed RPGs will set ablaze helicopters.

God forbid just one or two man portable anti-aircraft missiles could bring things to a halt with the loss of over 100 people (or more).

We built ourselves a kill box and jumped into it.

Let that sink in.

Pentagon planners built a self made kill box and stuck the 82nd, 10th Mtn and 24th MEU inside it along with air assets.

We are witnessing the culmination of the worst general-ship this nation has ever seen.  The same men that lost in CENTCOM are topping that failure with the withdrawal from Afghanistan.  Yet these are the same men that hope to build a force capable of taking on the Chinese?  The same men that are confident that they know the future of warfare?

You get the leadership you deserve.  I never thought we were this bad.

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