Thursday, September 09, 2021

Mixed feelings with the approach of the anniversary of 9/11

I have mixed feelings about the upcoming 9/11 anniversary.


Because it seems like we (the US) is on a huge losing streak.  Everytime I turn around it seems like we're memorializing sometype of tragedy.

It almost seems like an industry and that industry seems to have sunken into the very pores of the nation and the nation's national psyche.

When was the last time the US celebrated a win?

Sitting here this morning I can't even think of one.  I see the Morning Joe crew trying to put a new spin on the mess that was the withdrawal under pressure (not under fire...they weren't shooting but the Taliban was obviously pressuring our forces because we went in too light), the 9/11 anniversary is coming, I'm hearing all kinds of doom and gloom about climate change (and we know how to build nuclear power plants but they seem to want to change the way we live more than they want ot "save the planet"), the mess in S. Louisiana and the New York corridor, etc...

Just going by what is in the news we're in shit shape.

Notice I didn't even touch on the economy or Covid-19!

I guess I'm tired of celebrating failure (and 9/11 was a failure of leadership, the intel/law enforcement community).

Tell me why I'm wrong.

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