Wednesday, October 13, 2021

British Army close to being 'combat incapable' against high-end threats


The British Army is close to being "combat incapable against high-end threats", such as those posed by Russia and China, a senior defence analyst has said.

Francis Tusa has sounded a warning about the UK's "neglect" of its heavy equipment programme through recent decades.

The UK has made a commitment to generate a NATO high-readiness brigade by 2024.

However, Mr Tusa believes that is becoming less likely.

He told Forces News: "The problem is overwhelmingly with equipment.

"Will there be the equipment to equip a coherent, mechanised/armoured brigade by 2024, trained? And the answer is no."

Not surprising.

But only temporary.

Everyone is taking risks to modernize.  Most just aren't as visible as the issues that the British Army is having.

They'll sort this quick.  No worries here.  If they were screwed I'd tell ya....loud too.

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