Friday, February 04, 2022

Rob Lee is covering the flow of forces to the Ukrainian (future) battlespace. Things are going from bad to worse...

Rob is right. When the Russians decide to go they'll go hard, fast and will accomplish all objectives before the US/NATO can even mount diplomatic protests.

What is worrying is the new unity between China and Russia.

If Biden actually follows thru with the "sanctions from hell" that will wreck the Russian economy (which I seriously doubt...sanctions have been used so often that they're practically useless now), that will only push the Russians into a new China-Russia block.

We will bring on a new cold war with threats that eclipse that of the old Soviet Union.

Can you imagine a fully funded Russian military development program?

Can you imagine Russian tech/know how married to Chinese industrial capability along with their zooming tech?

Can you imagine what will happen when we have the Chinese and Russia both actively playing in the Middle East in an attempt to starve the West of oil?  The mayhem in Africa?

This could be the moment that we see the beginning of a new cold war, a serious recession that destroys the standard of living in the West coupled with being the seeds of WW3.

This will not end well.

If there is an off ramp the Biden admin should RUSH to take it. This is not the time to be graveyard brave.

Note.  I stand by my earlier.  Ukraine is not worth the looming danger that is being built into its defense.  

History is repeating.  Instead of Germany annexing Austria, Russia will annex a portion of Ukraine. 

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