Friday, February 04, 2022

Wanted to pop this out based on a few comments from the Rob Lee blog post...


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The crippling sanctions didn't break Iran and North Korea, they will certainly will not break Russia.

Totally agree.  We've reached for the same hammer over and over again when we probably need some other tool to accomplish our goals.  We've damn near created a black market/alternative market due to over using sanctions.  If China backs Russia (and they appear to be headed in that direction) then we're gonna have painted ourselves into a very uncomfortable corner.  Congrats globalist.  You screwed us all.  Thanks hawks.  We've defaulted to only two options in our foreign policy.  Either sanctions or military action.  You fuckers suck.  Business community?  You can kick rocks too.  Greed and idiot politicians with a jacked up economic policy helped you create a great enemy.  I hope you all roast in hell.


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Where is your line, Sol? When do you decide when enough is enough? How much do we (the West) surrender or barter away in order to avoid conflict? I'm genuinely curious. I don't believe there are any easy answers.

I have no idea.  I do know that I don't think Ukraine is worth it. I'd bet big money that alot of those weapons being rushed to them end up on the black market, will cross the Mexican border into the US and we eventually have a terror attack from hell with some shit we gave them.

What I also think is that they're pulling shit out of their ass.  Typical academics.  They think they're so smart cause they sit in ivory towers but when it comes to dealing with the real world with real powers all the theory suddenly becomes a bucket of warm spit.  

So no.  There is no easy answer but its obvious that the answer they're coming up with is pure bullshit.  


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Russia can't afford significant sanctions. Their economy is the size of Italy. The west has always held back, banning Russian LNG and USD transactions will crush the ruble giving all Russians a substantial pay cut. All indications are that the Ruble will continue to fall, making already poor Russians poorer.

I've heard that over and over again everytime they pull the sanction shit.  Iran was supposed to have collapsed by now and we should be dealing with a new regime.  They're ok.  Maybe not great but they ain't going no where.  Oh and did you pay attention to China?  They'll easily fill the void.  They'll buy Russian oil like its no ones business.  They'll probably buy other natural resources too.


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As Russia moves its borders West eventually it will come into conflict with NATO.

Old thinking bro.  Quite honestly NATO should not exist anymore!  The WARSAW Pact is gone!!!!  NATO should only exist if there was a real threat.  The entire Western Europe shaking like frightened school kids when facing ONE (1) nation with supposedly the economy of Italy (according to you). 


If Russia didn't exist NATO would have to invent one just to justify its existence.  NATO is a fossil from a bygone era that does nothing to benefit its members except to have them on a damn near continuous wartime footing FOR NOTHING! 

As far as Russian moving its borders its ACTUALLY been the other way around.  NATO MOVED EAST.  The whole thing has been badly managed and the reason behind this whole dance eludes me but this seems more like a made for TV movie (by both sides...RUSSIA, USA and NATO) than some real shit that should have both sides damn near ready to cross swords.

Don't have anything else.  Maybe more Sat.

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