Wednesday, April 06, 2022

Marines Load Record 16 F-35Bs Aboard USS Tripoli Test of ‘Lightning Carrier’ Concept...Fast Movers no longer support Missile Marines on the ground..

 via USNI News

ABOARD THE AMPHIBIOUS ASSAULT SHIP USS TRIPOLI — The Marines broke a record on Sunday when they loaded the most 16 F-35B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighters ever aboard a big-deck amphibious warship.


 Questions remain how the Lightning Carrier concept will operate in the fleet without a capability to tank F-35Bs organically or without airborne early warning aircraft like the E-2D Advanced Hawkeye aboard. USNI News understands that there is set to be broader testing with the concept later this year.

“Our goal,” Vaughn added, is that “if the Navy and Marine Corps team decides that this is an option at some point, here’s the playbook that we’ve developed.”


So now we see the "aviation" side of the Marine Corps going away to play baby Navy.


Yet Marine Corps leadership says that the MEU/MEB still exists and will do forcible entry, crisis response and the range of missions that we've done in the past?

All lies.

This new Marine Corps is for one foe, one region.

Berger went crazy and the Marine Corps as we've known it is dead.

Case the colors and rebrand/rename this monstrosity. They're not worthy of a proud past that they attempt to link to.

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