Sunday, August 07, 2022

Empty store shelves again? Is it just rural areas or is this nationwide?

 Went to the "Dollar General" to pick up a jar of Tiger Balm.  

Empty shelves again.

Not just for Tiger Balm but the entire over the counter med section. Not just that but other parts of the store was empty too.

So we're still dealing with crime, high gas, high food prices, inflation in general, illegal immigration, covid part whatever the number is now, monkey pox, war in Ukraine, rising tensions with China, Israel and Hezbollah going at it again, a world wide terror alert because we killed a terrorist that I thought we had already killed once before etc...

You would think that the world's superpower would have cleared at least a few of these issues off the plate by now.

But what are they concerned with?

Price control on insulin (whatever happened to a campaign to get America healthy...we have a problem with so many youth being too fat to serve that its a security issue now), climate change (which I don't buy...climate has always changed on this planet and to think man can do a thing about it is the height of arrogance in my opinion) and a few sweet heart deals to the Senator from West Virginia!

But back on task.

Shouldn't we be past the empty store shelves look?

Is this just my area?

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