Friday, August 05, 2022

Must read article! Force Design 2030 will not work in the S. Pacific

Read the article then read the comments on Twitter. 

Simply amazing. 

This bubba explains in detail while this stealth force, firing missiles will be detected and microfragmented poste haste if hostilities would actually occur between the US and China. MANY MANY MANY FD2030 zealots are trying to knock the guy but he lays it out plainly. FD2030 will NOT work against a technologically advanced foe that is a naval power. 

The curious thing is that parts of it combined with the legacy MAGTF would probably be EXTREMELY lethal against most foes (would be overwhelming capable against 99.5% of the forces on the planet), but the sad reality is that in the Pacific it will be a naval and air war. FULL STOP! A sea battle must be won on the sea. 

The Marine Corps can't save the Navy. The Navy must step up and sort itself out!  This perhaps explains why the Navy isn't fully onboard with FD2030.  Did they perhaps run their own wargames and determined that the concept wasn't worthy?

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