Thursday, August 04, 2022

Reconsider Force Design 2030 beforehand

 via Defense News

In March 2011, Marine Gen. James Mattis, then commander of Central Command, testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee: “I think, as we look toward the future, I have been a horrible prophet. I have never fought anywhere I expected to in all my years.” Force Design 2030 reflects the attitude of its creator, who is certain about the future where others are not. A force tailored to fight in a specific region of the world may find itself unable to operate effectively in a markedly different climate.


 There are a number of other concerns we have with Force Design 2030, to include the abandoning of the principles of maneuver warfare, isolated units having to remain undetected to survive, the over reliance on technology performing as promised and the almost impossible task of resupplying far-flung units over vast distances. These issues we will address in our future writings. In the meantime, we ask that readers also voice concerns about what is happening to your Marine Corps by alerting your elected representatives to these issues. Semper fidelis.


I see there are a few hearty souls that continue the fight.

I'm just not sure anymore.  These bubbas are in love with the idea of being missile magnets and think that they can survive and thrive being a trip wire instead of assault force.

Sometimes ya got to let the people arrogant, stupid and convinced do their thing.

I just don't know.  I do know that this plan is batshit stupid and many people that know better are just saying sure...let's do it.

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