Friday, September 23, 2022

A hottie explains the danger of boxing Putin in...

As a Russian immigrant, I understand something that many Americans simply don’t. And that’s that Putin’s back-slide in Ukraine is actually a bad thing. Not a good one. Because the last thing the world ever wants to see is a desperate Vladimir Putin.

You got the good.  

You got the eye candy, but I hope you're hearing her words. I don't think anyone is thinking this thru.

I don't know where this will end but things are heading from bad to worse.

This thing is ramping up and despite some of the non-sense I've heard on these pages, the Russians have been restrained. Many point to atrocities carried out.  Ok.  I get that but blame the officers in the field for lack of control. 

I'm talking about obvious targets that have gone untouched. I'm talking about a capital that has not been ravaged by long range fires.

IT IS A TWO WAY RANGE!  Ukraine has been hit but despite it all we have yet to see total warfare waged against its people.

I think that's coming and I think it will be bad.

Note.  I think many here have no idea of what total warfare looks like.  We've been involved in insurgencies for so long that historic memory has faded.  Let me repeat.  Think Dresden.  Think Hiroshima.  Think of the destruction that those cities faced then think about what we've seen here.  The "law of war" go out the window when it becomes a fight for national survival.  Russia is quickly approaching that point and few here seem to understand that.  At the start this was to preserve a buffer between Russia and NATO.  Now its becoming a fight to preserve his country. In that light NOTHING is off the table for a semi nationalist like Putin (semi because the hardcore nationalist will chill your blood if you see what they're saying!).

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