Friday, September 23, 2022

Russia is pounding Odessa with Iranian suicide drones...

key areas in southern Ukraine came under attack from a number of Iran-supplied Shahed-136 'kamikaze' or 'suicide' drones today. It is by far the most high-profile and concentrated use of these types of weapons by Russian forces. Video evidence also emerged in recent hours showing an Iranian Mohajer-6 medium-altitude, long-endurance (MALE) unmanned aerial vehicle being recovered from the water by Ukrainian forces, serving as the drone’s first recorded sighting on the Ukrainian battlefield.

The evidence of Mohajer-6’s presence was shared by the Southern Air Command of the Ukrainian Air Force. Up until now, only Shahed-136s had been spotted in Ukraine, making it so the recent Mohajer-6 retrieval would confirm that both Iranian drones were included in deliveries from Iran to Russia that had occurred earlier this month. This matches our report on what drones would likely end up being used by Russia in Ukraine as part of a deal between Iran and Russia that had been in the works since at least July. The employment of these Iranian drones has the potential to disrupt the conflict in multiple ways. You can read more about this in our previous feature here.

The Russians are going after Odessa.


Earlier in the war I said that capturing Odessa was the final goal of the invasion and that they would consolidate their positions after they captured that prize.

Things have changed.

The new goal?

I believe they're going after the weak underbelly of the West.


We've seen high gas prices.  We've seen a bit of high food prices. But what happens when the undeveloped world has a source of food removed, AND the West is forced to pay sky high prices for food mixed with continued high energy prices.

Sauce for the goose as far as Russia is concerned?

If they keep this up they'll certainly aid in delivering a death blow to the Dem party and especially Biden.  The same will apply to many govts in Europe.

What about Iran?  Some probably think that we can lure them away from supporting Russia with the nuclear deal.

Ain't gonna happen and they were allowed to get too far down the road.  The RUSSIANS will make sure they acquire nukes, and the Iranians will give them more drones than they can handle.

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