Monday, December 05, 2022

V-280 Wins!!!!!

Note. The US Army is coming to drink the Marine Corps milkshake! With the V-280 they can deploy the 82nd at distance. The MEU MUST BE ENHANCED to meet the competition or else the Marine Corps will be irrelevant! The idea that acting as the eyes and ears of the joint force is pure folly. Unmanned systems will do that more effectively, in the future if not now. Its about GROUND COMBAT POWER and the ability to get shooters on the ground quickly where and when they are needed. The sea gives us an advantage escpecially in a more volitile future where forward basing will become increasingly problematic, but the MEU has got be reinforced and enhanced to meet the future threat. ACV, ARV, more mobile artillery, missiles and loitering drones. We need to work poste haste. The Army is, we should be too. Sorry but FD2030 has been teched out before it was fully implemented!
Thanks to the reader that sent this. I got excited and deleted the e-mail before I locked onto things... 

via Defense One. 

The U.S. Army has chosen Bell to build a new aircraft that will replace the venerable UH-60 Black Hawk, which has been flying soldiers in combat since the 1970s. “It’s a chance to move to the next step in this vital program,” Doug Bush, the Army acquisition chief, said during a Monday evening call with reporters. It’s a huge win that could be worth billions of dollars for the Textron-owned company in the coming decades. Bell, which pitched the V-280, a tiltrotor aircraft similar to the V-22 Osprey, beat a Sikorsky-Boeing team that had proposed a compound coaxial helicopter. The Army calls the replacement deal the Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft, or FLRAA. “We expect initial FLRAA buy to be 750-1K, and mixed fleet of FLRAA + UH-60 for decades,” Cowen analyst Roman Schweizer wrote in an Oct. 12 note to investors.


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