Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Are we finally seeing an awakening to the cancer that is "gangster rap"????

I can only hope but confidence is non-existant.

I wish policy makers could take a walk in the shoes of every LEO, Deputy, Corrections, Firefighter, Paramedic...hell even school teacher now and see the damage that is being caused.

You say music is just an art form?  You say even Johnny Cash was a rebel?  You say we're even seeing rap music in country music?

I say "yep" you're right to all of that.

But gangster rap (old term but still used in my circles...don't know what the modern term is) is different.

When music propels the weak minded to commit crimes then its a problem.

The bigger problem?

Most of those guys don't even live the lifestyle they're promoting.  The few that do die ugly fast.

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