Wednesday, March 15, 2023

B-Roll: Marines fire MAAWS downrange


* Another pet peeve!! Why the insistance on these crazy naming convention? Why not simply call the damn weapon by its proper name...Carl Gustaf, instead of reinventing a wheel that ain't broke? Let me have a get off my lawn moment...and this one goes back aways too but seems to have picked up speed. KEEP IT SIMPLE! If possible keep it historic! The perfect example is the LVT-1. It went LVT-1, LVT-2, LVT-3, LVT-4, LVT-5, LVTP-6 (ya'll forgot about that sweet little rig didn't ya!), LVT-7 and then the trend hit and it was renamed AAV!!! Pity. But small touchstones to what came before is no longer appreciated and that's a shame.

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