Wednesday, March 08, 2023

Eight Type 055 Destroyers are in service...even destroying the Marine Corps by the Commandant won't change the math...

The reality is stark and simple.

The Commandant can come up with a half baked plan to make over half the Marine Corps into coast watching, missile launching, recon/counter recon specialist that "operate within the enemies weapon engagement zone" but the amount of firepower that will be brought to bear won't matter in the deep water fight that is coming.

Even the US Army with there multi-domain constructs won't help much.

The Chinese have gone beyond being a brown water creature and have morphed into a beast that is looking to take the US Navy out into the deep water and to strangle them till they're all dead.

Congress, the President, the Joint Chiefs and the American people are gonna have to accept the reality.

We have too many worldwide commitments and something is gonna have to give if we're actually talking about taking on China.

Gimmicks and games just ain't gonna do it.

The MLRs that rely on stealth to survive will be located, fixed and destroyed.

The Navy and Air Force are gonna have to MAN UP and face the challenge.

Confidence in those two services is not high.

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