Sunday, March 05, 2023

Public Service Announcement. Blame Disqus not me...

I don't delete messages at least when it comes to general comments.

You post some racist shit then yeah I bomb those.  But even then I've read stuff that comes real real real close to the line and I've let that go.

I've taken personal hits in comments and many times I'll let it go but admittedly many times I won't.

But general comments that disagree?  

I don't delete that shit.

Blame Disqus, not me.  I don't know where the comments disappear to and really don't care.

Personally I hate Disqus but the vast majority seem to like it. Very well but trust and believe we'll go back to Google comments so fast it'll make your hair stand up if the problems continue and I take hits that I don't deserve.

The moral of the story?

Aim your fire at the right target.

NOTE.  This ain't for everyone but for one stupid bastard.  Posting this here in case he missed my response to him.

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