Sunday, March 05, 2023

The Ukraine war is teaching us one thing about future warfare. The golden hour is dead and CASEVAC/MEDEVAC is gonna be targeted...


One thing that annoys me about all the Mid/Junior Officers and SNCO/NCOs that are all fired up about FD2030 is that they ignore the fact that the golden hour is dead with that concept. They're gonna be watching their Marines and sometimes friends suffering in agony with the only thing that can help them is what the Corpsman carried on his back and his skills (assuming he hasn't been killed and his pack destroyed).

So far this is the only thing that the war in Ukraine is teaching us.

CASEVAC/MEDEVAC will be targeted & the golden hour is dead.

Berger is setting up future Marines to suffer and die in the mud.

It's an amazing thing to contemplate but if one of the MLRs is targeted...FOUND (because stealth is gonna be their main means of survival against a dedicated assault), fixed and destroyed in place the only hope those Marine will have is that the Chinese are merciful and that they have medical facilities available to take care of our wounded.

That will be an amazing public relations win for them.

We can suffer 70% casualties but if they can wheel out a few Marines for return to the states, that they saved after inflicting horrific injuries to them during a battle,  then they win big on the public stage.

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