Tuesday, March 07, 2023

Vid of the attack/protest at "Cop City" outside Atlanta...


One thing needs to be pointed out.

The vast majority of the people arrested were not from Georgia. They were from out of state.

Additionally it should be pointed out that these people appear to be professional protesters.

My question.

Who funds their travel?  Who pays for their expenses?  Who is the mastermind by this generated chaos?

Someone or some group wants chaos and not a debate.  It isn't too far as to label activity like this as lowgrade insurgency type actions.

Side note.  I am so disappointed in some religious leaders that appeared to come out in support of these individuals/group. It is apparent to me that certain religious leaders have lost their way. Unfortunately I believe that the church in the US has been so weakened that we can no longer consider them a "moral authority", instead they should be viewed as another mouth piece of a morally decadent society.

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