Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Women are about to lose their sports if they continue to let transgendered females to participate...


This is the horrible future for women's sports.

You will have genetic men that identify as female dominating it soon enough if things continue the way they are.

My problem?

Its hard to play shining knight when women don't appear to even give a damn themselves.

It's a pity too.

I absolutely LUV  women's track and field. I attend local meets, have been to a few at LSU, Southern, U Of L and NSU.

I've watched a few high school girls softball and they put on a good show too.

If trans females start dominating then why even attend.

I know alot are thinking that this is just dinosaur thinking and that I should get along with the times.

I just wonder.

This is blatant and its wrong.  Our society (American) is twisting itself into pretzels trying to justify this too.  Even the US Army is trying to build a PT test that is gender neutral...a freaking impossibility because men are different from women...but they're still trying despite the science being the science!

What do you guys think.

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