Friday, June 09, 2023

Damn! Ukrainian armor (Western supplied) is getting shredded. Plus this counteroffensive was ill timed....I think I know why.

 Thanks to Bakhmut "Bob" Zelensky for the link!

I wondered how Western armor, in particular IFVs would hold up in this conflict. Apparently the same as uparmored trucks. I have to wonder if the idea of IFVs is dead and we just have to accept the reality that what we really have are armed APCs. Of course we have no visibility on their tactics so it could be as simple as bad tactics leading to bad results. Who knows?

On to another issue.

I always thought this counteroffensive was ill timed.  Much of the gear just arrived.  Many of the troops had just completed training.

So why not get them a bit seasoned on the line before launching an assault on a high tech battlefield?

I think its because the EU/US/NATO want this war over and they want it over with favorable-ish terms for Ukraine.

No doubt they have had backroom discussions that Ukraine as it once was will not be restored.

So it wasn't the military that was driving this.  I believe it was politics.  Both internal to Ukraine and to the greater Western world.

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