Friday, June 09, 2023

More vids of Western armor getting shredded. A Leopard 2 & a couple of Bradleys

I have to wonder what NATO was thinking.

Did they think that combined arms was easy?  Did they think that green troops could go into battle against guys that had been living in the mud and muck sporting anti-tank missiles and supported by artillery and being channeled not only by defenses but by terrain would win?

And for the love of God why would they send these guys in basically bare tanks/IFVs against this?  Surely this would have been a great time to test Trophy in combat wouldn't it?  At least add extra armor onto the vehicles.

War porn sucks but I posted when the Ukrainians were plinking Russians so I'll do it when the reverse is happening.

One thing I find striking.

We instinctively know how the fighting is going because the Ukrainians have been gleefully posting about their battlefield successes before but now in the middle of their counter offensive are silent.

The silence is telling.

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