Monday, June 05, 2023

Make it make sense! The GW Carrier Strike Group is operating under NATO command when we just had a naval incident with our primary threat?

Mark my words and this time I won't mince them. Our euro-centric focus and desire to re-run the cold war with a nod toward finally getting the fight with the USSR/Russia will cost us! Why are we having carriers deploy to the N. Atlantic? It is NOT a "naval" theater! I can barely make the argument for the US Army to have as large a footprint there, but at least it makes sense. It's past time to refocuse our Navy (the USMC can learn to walk up walls but a naval battle means its really a US Navy/US Air Force affair!) on the "stated" threat and get them sorted out. If the Navy isn't grabbed by the short hairs and starts doing the hard stuff instead of the visually/politically appealing stuff then any war with China will be lost before its started.

Sidenote.  Spare me this unity and strength talk too.  It's old.  It's tired.  It's a freaking lie.  NATO is just a jobs program for elites.  Too many bureaucrats, not enough forces.

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